Small Step to Weight Loss

So, you’ve made your choice to trade off your sedentary days to a healthier, more active, youth-living lifestyle. Although this could be such an exciting change for you, it could be a little bit overwhelming especially when you try to apply big things you haven’t tried with yourself before. So here, we’ve listed down a few things which you can start with before you tread heavily on your body goal.

  • NEVER skip Breakfast

A lot of people who decides to lose weight tends to skip their morning meals, too, thinking that missing breakfast could cut off calories from their daily intake. But the real thing is, it doesn’t really cut off anything. People who don’t eat breakfasts tend to overeat later in that day, causing extra more unexpected calorie intake. So, lesson: Eat your breakfast.

  • Walk, walk, walk

Walking is a low-stress exercise and an excellent fat burner. You may start offering to pick up a colleague’s paper from the photocopier and gain a friend. Stretch your legs! Your start can be as simple as that. Choose ways that involve physical effort, like opting to use the stairs rather than the elevator.

Slowly but surely, you will reach your body goal.

  • Practice mindful eating

Those “pika-pika” or finger foods you hide below your desk can be a huge culprit to your weight loss plan. Practice mindful eating by refraining from giving in to these kinds of snacks like flavored cornicks and chips. Instead, pack up healthy, low-calorie Don’t get confused with hunger and boredom.

  • Consume more water

People also often confuse thirst with hunger. Maybe it’s just water that you need. Other than that, drinking water can also boost your metabolism and help you burn off a few more calories. You may also try consuming a glass of water before your meals, this may help you eat less of food.

  • Brush your teeth after every meal

That clean and minty freshness lets your brain know that mealtime is over.

  • Think about your motivation

Keep reminding yourself why you want to lose weight, this can help you keep going and pushing forward. Write down your short term and long term goals to make it appear much easier to attain. Set your goal high and write down every step and achievement.

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