Who We Are

Who We Are

InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., is the Company that makes a difference in the pharmaceutical industry: because its thrust is geared towards improving existing products into new forms making them acceptable drugs; that are cost-effective but of excellent quality, that will redound to the benefit and welfare of the end-users.

InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., resulted from the fusion of nine Filipino-owned pharmaceutical companies which was initiated in June 2010. From the different therapeutic class of products; into it now only has the following areas of concentration: the Cardio-Metabolic Division, CNS and Gastro Division, and the Anti-infectives and Respiratory Division. Ethical Marketing and Promotions are on a national coverage.

InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., is proud to be the first national company that has provided second to innovator pharmaceutical products, most of which are off-patent molecules.

InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., has spearheaded and made way for technology transfer and partnership with big pharmaceutical companies around the world, enabling this company to avail itself of the latest information and facilities in the Industry.


To develop and provide quality, innovative and affordable pharmaceutical sales products for the Filipinos and peoples around the globe.


To become the leader in the Philippine pharmaceutical market and be a globally-competitive pharmaceutical company that would be known in technological innovations in the drug manufacturing field.

Our Core Values

Our Commitment

InnoGen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., will continue to be the world-class innovator in healthcare solutions in the service of Filipinos primarily; but for the people worldwide—in the near future.